About this site

This dynamic site is fully developed by myself with Flask.


I am a graduated Electronics and Electrical Engineering (MEng Hons) student at the University of Edinburgh. The passion and love of electronics made me choose E&EE. I will never give up my study and research in my whole life! It's never too old to learn.


I have decided to do a project from my first year at university. However, I didn't take action enough to complete it. Now, I have got much more knowledge than before and I can go straight forward to my project.
Currently, I am reading a book called "Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management". Besides the leadership and management of teams during a group project, I have also learnt the skills to manage the project. I believe that I can actually finish it instead of just saying "I am doing that but not achieving progress" or "I have learnt something valuable from it". Anything should be real and have a result, shouldn't it?
Now I am graduated, and I think that I should learn proactively on my own. I will also learn the Design of Experiments, which is essential to handle experimental data. High-Speed Digital Design is what I should learn for hobbyist electronics projects. There are quite a lot for me to discover, learn, research and conclude. After all, this is my life, isn't it?
I start to use Obsidian to manage my knowledge, work and research. In the future, I may share how I manage myself with both categorised and Zettlekasten methods.
As well as the project, I am keeping black papers. As for its introduction, you can find it in my blog in the Black Paper series. I think it is a good thing that worths to be kept for the whole life.


I am interested in Piano, Electronics, Reading, Tai Chi Quan, Programming, ancient Chinese and thinking. Taoism thoughts have given me a very objective, logical and relative view. Have read many Chinese ancient books about Xuan Xue, Military Thoughts, Legalism and Taoism. In the past, there were many thoughts that we can regard. Nowadays, we can use what is useful and abandon what is useless or even harmful in those thoughts. Always keep on scientific thinking or... Think like an engineer.

Maybe I have more to say. I will add them up as soon as I have got the idea.
Have a nice day! :)