Introduction to Black Paper Series
05-19-2019 22:43:53
Black Paper

The black paper records any kind of mistakes within experiences in the past so that either I or other people can learn lessons from it. The more the black paper contains, the more lessons can be regarded. To avoid the mistakes that I have made - is my aim.


The human being is a species that can create and use tools, communicate and express complex minds to each other, and share knowledge with other people - even they will be thousands of years later. Because of those, we human beings are able to live on Earth for hundreds of thousands of years until present. However, compared to the universe or even the history of human beings, our life is limited. As Ray Kurzweil said: after death, all that information, all their skills, their personality, their memories — are gone. Knowledge can be inherited but the experience and skills cannot. Even for myself, the experiences and skills will be forgotten after a long period not applying them. Skills can be learned again but those valuable experiences are hard to be experienced again or it will be another sad history in my life.
Instead of remembering those in my limited memory, recording the mistakes made and analyzing the causes to avoid them next time will be very effective. With recorded experiences, I may avoid the mistakes made in those and accelerate my step to another milestone. In the future, perhaps my next generation can accord to my experiences and avoid the unnecessary mistakes, just like what those engineers in Boeing are doing. People have to learn from the past and make a big step based on it.

Young men of fortune old men forgotten
green buds renewing
the brown leaves dead and gone...


1. Life

This talks about the experiences and mistakes I have made during my life.

2. Technical

This talks about the technical experiences with mistakes I've made during my projects.

3. Work

This talks about the mistakes with experiences during my work.



The title reflects the type of experience and the topic involved in that.
For example, there is an experience about work that talks about falling into an endless circle of bureaucracy, its title will be "[Work] Endless circle of bureaucracy".


This part summarises the core of the experience in order to do quick finding in the future.


1. Mistakes

This states the mistakes made during the experience.

2. Experience

This says the experience related to the mistakes made in order to bring the summarised mistakes into a real story or details.

3. Analysis

After the experience, there should be an investigation to review that and get the conclusion of causes.

4. Possible Solutions

As the causes of the mistakes have been concluded, possible solutions would be found and used to face that issue.


This contains the references used to help and support the thoughts in the current paper.


Our life is limited but the knowledge can be an eternity. By converting the experiences and mistakes into knowledge, people can easily go faster than before since we have known the traps on the way.
It's not a diary but can be an alternative to a diary. Instead of forcing ourselves to record something on a book, why not keeping black paper for effective life?


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