[Wio Terminal] Unboxing...
05-15-2020 19:50:07

The delivery has arrived. Let's see what's inside!

After weeks of waiting, my orders on the Wio Terminal finally arrived!



Let's see what is inside:

Just Opened

All ordered stuff

I have ordered Wio Terminal with its battery Chasis. Wio Link is a kind of free gift that SeeedStudio gave to me.

Now I am just interested in Wio Terminal itself. Inside the Wio Terminal package box...

Inside the Wio Terminal

It contains a Wio Terminal, a USB-C wire (I really appreciate it), and a User Manual.

Wio Terminal

First Impression

This is the Wio Terminal itself!

Wio Terminal itself

The body is really tiny. Holding it with a single hand is not a problem. It is observed under the light that there are some little scratches on the LCD screen but that's totally acceptable for me. Anyway, I am not purchasing a mobile phone, and it's likely to be my toy to enjoy with during this "lockdown" Summer.

Screen Scratches

Now it's the time to power it up! I have to say that the wire is so short that I have to use a USB hub to extend the USB port. Probably a spring-coiled wire is a good choice for this.

Short Wire

First Boot

Powered up! Probably this interface is to set up some settings in the first place?

Boot up screen

Game Over

Alright, the terminal has been programmed the game firmware out of the factory.

Final Thoughts

This is an interesting terminal. It can definitely do more things than the game. The SD card extension, 5-way button, 3 pressing buttons, and LCD screen makes displaying beautiful and easily operational GUI much more possible. GPIO pins at the back enhance the connectivity to the external devices. The File IO system with SD card also makes data logging and ML much easier. Wireless connectivities make this device as an IoT node. Integrated sensors make the device able to do many things like daylight sensing without any extra costs. Battery Chasis adds the ability to become mobile. I can also use it as a HAT for my Raspberry Pi, even though I think Wio Terminal is powerful enough for the IoT basic tasks while Pi can enhance the ML power, system complexity, etc.

I will research more on Wio Terminal, and do some interesting and useful stuff as I finish my "online" exam. There have been some people received the device and work on it. As for Wio Link, I have not thought about any applications with it to fulfill my needs yet. Maybe it will be my another board covered with dust... :)

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