[RC Jumping Robot] Project Overview
06-15-2019 15:28:41
RC Jumping Robot

This project is innovated by a video game "Watch Dogs 2". Inside this game, there is a robot that can move freely, jump, do Live Video & Audio Streaming, control a robot arm and speak. Each of these can be a project individually, so this project will contain several phases and the results of the phases will be integrated into a whole robot at the last of the project.

This project is called "RC Jumping Robot". It has a few functions to achieve:

  1. Move freely (Phase 1)
  2. Remote Control (Phase 2)
  3. Robot Arm
  4. Live Video Streaming
  5. Object Positioning
  6. Jumping
  7. (Optional) Data Transfer (Device as a node to do pivoting)
  8. (Optional) Speaker
  9. Integration

All the essential functions can be demonstrated by the video shown below:

Detailed specifications will be discussed in later posts.


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