ElectronicsMy Understanding of Keithley 236 SMU (Part 1)
06-29-2022 23:11:25
The entire system is just a closed-loop control system where a bunch of op-amps as the calculating elements. Not that complicated though IMO...

Black Paper[Technical] Lessons learnt from my MEng project
07-23-2021 12:28:19
People never learn from others' experiences. They only learn from fatal mistakes.

RC Jumping Robot[Phase 1] 011 Read a Joystick with ADC
07-09-2021 20:58:46
In order to control the robot, there should be user input. In this case, it is a joystick. I will show how to get the input and generate the output for the oscilloscope.

ElectronicsLPC55S69-EVK first impression & Quadcopter initial thoughts
02-14-2021 02:24:18
LPC55S69-EVK contains a chip with two Arm Cortex-M33 Cores. It also features TrustZone technology. With those, a quite powerful quadcopter flight controller can be created. And I will continue on the work towards the final flight controller with a step-by-step learning process.

SoftwareHow to kill BadUSB - Software Section (Windows)
08-31-2020 01:00:00
BadUSB is to simulate human keyboard input, which can be prevented on the Software side. It just needs to block all keyboard input globally when the unexpected HID device is detected. This is especially for Windows OS.

ElectronicsHow to kill BadUSB - Introduction
08-12-2020 22:27:36
BadUSB has been a hacking tool that is hard to be prevented. However, I have got 2 main ideas to guard our precious computers from the attacks.

SoftwareCBComm - New additional feature online!
05-27-2020 23:43:27
Do you find that passing a link from PC to phones are really a pain? No problem, this tool will help you out.

Electronics[Wio Terminal] Unboxing...
05-15-2020 19:50:07
The delivery has arrived. Let's see what's inside!

Electronics[Wio Terminal] Wio Terminal as my new toy during this Summer
04-17-2020 17:48:41
In summary, Wio Terminal is a little IoT terminal with many interesting potentials for any cases. Just use your imagination and start to build...

RC Jumping RobotPhase 2 Updates
08-08-2019 16:37:32
Remote Control. Updates and Details.