Introduction to Black Paper Series
05-19-2019 22:43:53
The black paper records any kind of mistakes within experiences in the past so that either I or other people can learn lessons from it. The more the black paper contains, the more lessons can be regarded. To avoid the mistakes that I have made - is my aim.

[Life] Believed 'Knowns'
05-30-2019 22:20:13
Recognized known information cannot always be the same as reality. At least all the known information should be ensured to be as correct as of the real one. Some unnecessary information may be useful during some important time points. Good and smart decision makings are based on those, which is also the basis of life.

[Work] Message 'Sent'
06-06-2019 17:28:38
Thanks to technology, we are able to send messages to anyone at any time anywhere. However, it could have some issues. For example, the email client says that the message has been sent but the server actually does not deal with the message. This could be very serious when we are sending important urgent messages to someone.

[Technical] Lessons learnt from my MEng project
07-23-2021 12:28:19
People never learn from others' experiences. They only learn from fatal mistakes.