Experimental Features of this website
06-07-2019 20:52:17
I would like to achieve some cool features for experiments added to this website. If you have got any ideas, please comment on this post. In addition, I will update this post if there is an update of the experiment features in "X-Base" of this website.

[VBA] The Automation Program Design & Implementation
08-08-2019 13:45:55
Program is to reduce the repeated work by human beings. I saw one of my colleagues cost a lot of time doing the repeated stuff like typing and replacing the image in a Word document. I thought whether I could use programming to solve this to reduce his work. And, that's the start of the journey...

CBComm - New additional feature online!
05-27-2020 23:43:27
Do you find that passing a link from PC to phones are really a pain? No problem, this tool will help you out.

How to kill BadUSB - Software Section (Windows)
08-31-2020 01:00:00
BadUSB is to simulate human keyboard input, which can be prevented on the Software side. It just needs to block all keyboard input globally when the unexpected HID device is detected. This is especially for Windows OS.