[Wio Terminal] Wio Terminal as my new toy during this Summer
04-17-2020 17:48:41

In summary, Wio Terminal is a little IoT terminal with many interesting potentials for any cases. Just use your imagination and start to build...

If you visit Seeed Studio now, you can find there is a new product released.


Here is its video introduction. Looks amazing!

I have purchased one with a free Wio Link and a battery chassis for it.
There is one so-called Ardupy for micropython support. It is advertised to be a powerful tool for the quick prototype and convert Arduino into micropython. However, I cannot see the difference between Circuitpython and Ardupy as I haven't received it yet and its documentation definitely needs to include more details. It could be better if how the functions in Arduino libraries are used in Micropython is clearly stated, which can encourage more users in the community to help to enlarge the contribution library for Ardupy. In the forum, there is one responder on Wio Terminal who seems like one of the contributors of Ardupy and Ardupy-aip and always holds his support on Ardupy rather than Circuitpython but it's normal for a developer. Anyway, I still continue on Arduino and wait for the moment when Ardupy is a complete open-source tool.
Their WiKi on Wio terminal is still being reviewed and updated for completeness. In the present, there is not Wiki on Bluetooth yet.
I am planning to build a full system purely with Wio Terminal as the integrated LCD screen gives really full potential for this. It seems that the 'Experiment' Feature in this site is ready for use with Wio Terminal. Further hardware development is my thought on this. FPGA extension, ML extension or DASH7 connectivity could be a good one to go.

As for the delivery, I have to say that HIGH Delivery Costs and LONG Shipping Time make Seeed Studio much less competitive compared to Sparkfun, etc. I paid about $10 for 20-30 days delivery. If that could be reduced, I can guarantee that Seeed Studio can be one of the best choices for Electronics Hobbyists and Makers. Cooperation with local contributors seems like a good idea.
All in all, Wio terminal is an interesting development board (which can be used as a full-featured product). As it arrives, it will be a fun time for me during the annoying quarantine.


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