[Wio Terminal] Wio Terminal as my new toy during this Summer
04-17-2020 17:48:41
In summary, Wio Terminal is a little IoT terminal with many interesting potentials for any cases. Just use your imagination and start to build...

[Wio Terminal] Unboxing...
05-15-2020 19:50:07
The delivery has arrived. Let's see what's inside!

How to kill BadUSB - Introduction
08-12-2020 22:27:36
BadUSB has been a hacking tool that is hard to be prevented. However, I have got 2 main ideas to guard our precious computers from the attacks.

LPC55S69-EVK first impression & Quadcopter initial thoughts
02-14-2021 02:24:18
LPC55S69-EVK contains a chip with two Arm Cortex-M33 Cores. It also features TrustZone technology. With those, a quite powerful quadcopter flight controller can be created. And I will continue on the work towards the final flight controller with a step-by-step learning process.

My Understanding of Keithley 236 SMU (Part 1)
06-29-2022 23:11:25
The entire system is just a closed-loop control system where a bunch of op-amps as the calculating elements. Not that complicated though IMO...