CBComm - New additional feature online!
05-27-2020 23:43:27

Do you find that passing a link from PC to phones are really a pain? No problem, this tool will help you out.

Recently, I just transfer my web browser from Chrome to the "new" Microsoft Edge. One of its features that really impressed me is "Continue to PC" feature, which enables me continue to browse the link with a much larger screen.

Continue to PC

However, I found that the share feature to phone is not well-supported. As I am using the IOS device as my mobile and Windows as my desktop, I decide to make a tool to transfer messages publicly.


Visit this page, you can see a page used to generate the communication session. As followed in the animation, you can get a session to send a your message from PC to mobile! Additionally, you can also use this to transfer message between computers.


Please note that all the communications are done in the public domain, which means that: if someone get your link, he can see your transferred messages. Due to the system loading capability, the session will be automatically expired after 10 minutes of creating the session and all the messages will be gone. Please use it with caution.

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