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05-30-2019 22:20:13
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Recognized known information cannot always be the same as reality. At least all the known information should be ensured to be as correct as of the real one. Some unnecessary information may be useful during some important time points. Good and smart decision makings are based on those, which is also the basis of life.


  1. I was too confident about the things that I believe without even practicing it.
  2. The lack of non-important information which may be helpful during the critical time periods.


Cheap Airlines have very low prices on their tickets. However, one of the methods of how they make a profit is to be very restricted to something that we do not always care much in regular airlines. For example, the size and mass of hand luggage are defined to be much lower than the normal.
I had two sizes of suitcases at a time: the large one for baggage check-in and the small one for hand luggage. As for the small one, one of my friends who had taken the airlines of that company agreed that it was fine to take that suitcase on board. I believed in him and thought the suitcase would fit the size, so I did not even measure it.
In the airport, I was told by the gentleman who had checked in my large suitcase that the small suitcase did not suit the size requirement. I had to pay the extra fee for the over-size and over-weight.
Afterward, I complained to that friend. He said in surprise, "Don't you know that the checked-in bags can be returned so that you can put the small one into the large one?"


This experience can be separated into two parts: The first is about recognition confidence, the second is about the needs of all kinds of information during decision making.

1. Recognition confidence

In this experience, I have got the exact information as a requirement. In fact, what I should do is to strictly follow the exact information that I have known from the officials. However, I trusted the information provided by my friend and did not even tested whether the information was true. In that stage, I was over-confident on my recognition.

2. The need for all kinds of information

In this experience, I did not know the information that can save me from the fee trap. That information is not very important in my mind - is there anyone crazy ask for the return of the checked-in bags? However, I lost my money due to the lack of that 'unnecessary' information.
It is not necessary to know all the information. However, some information that is not regarded as important can be helpful sometimes. Especially when the problem is very weird, the strange or non-important or "cold" information can help.

Possible Solutions

1. Recognition confidence

It's important to know that the world is objective. The fact can neither be changed nor be affected by what we think. Our recognition may not be as correct as we assure. Most of the time, we will run into confusion as the information that should meet the expectations in our recognition does not meet the expectation or we are not well prepared on that information.
After the information or judgments are given by some individuals or organizations, it's necessary to determine the facticity of it. The methods of the determination include directly measuring, logical proof, principle proof, experiment proof, practical proof, asking for help from recognized authorities and so on. Even if those methods have been applied, it could be possible that the information does not fit what we expect but the probability of certainty for the information will be maximized.

2. The need for all kinds of information

At first, the necessary information should be known. Without it, we cannot commit the changes even from the strategic view.
We can hardly notice the use of some 'not-very-important' information, which can be very helpful to the details of the matters. As we know, a large system is constructed by many detailed tactical behaviors. Those 'unnecessary' information could help on the tactical view, which may affect the strategy of the whole system.
Therefore, we need to set the levels of importance of information so that all the information can be quantized then the tactics based on strategy will be much clearer and easier to be executed flexibly. In addition to that, we should collect as much information as possible and list them on a mobile thing such as a notebook and a phone.


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