[Phase 1] 010 Summary
06-15-2019 15:52:11
RC Jumping Robot

Within the first phase of this project, I will conduct the initial setup for the moving feature. This article summarises the entire Phase 1.

In order to move the robot, there should be a central controller that can receive the instructions and command the actuators. Therefore, this phase will focus on the instruction and actuator commanding via MSP430G2553.

Firstly, to give the instructions to MSP430, manual input is required. The controller should be able to convert the analogue input into digital readings. In this case, a joystick module is used. An ADC is required to read the input from the joystick. Please see the next article for details.

Secondly, the controller should interpret the reading into the command to the actuators, which is stepper motors in this case. I will design the algorithm and program for the MCU in order to precisely control the movement of the robot.

Thirdly, the actuators should be able to move the robots. A specified gearbox will be designed in order to improve their ability to handle the weight of the robot.

Expected Outcome

The expected outcome of this phase is:

Link to Parts:


15 June 2019

  1. Split the phase into two parts:
    • Mechanical
    • Software and Electronics
  2. Set up a budget for Phase 1 of £50
  3. Aim: To make the base able to move freely or move to a specific distance, steer or move back.
  4. Complete the Software part of Software and Electronics design.

Bills of Materials

£1.67Groove Coupler Sensor5
£1.89Joystick Module1
£7.76 - 12V Motor 261g-cm2
£1.08IC Socket 20-Pin3
£1.85Screw M1.6mmx0.35 L2mm10


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Mr4x Posted on 05-14-2020 19:43:24

Looks pretty cool! Looking forward to the robot to be done!


ONLYA replied Mr4x Posted on 05-14-2020 20:02:12

Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately, I have done part of it and this project becomes discontinued for now. I may resume my work as I have learned and practiced the High-Speed circuit and PCB design.


ONLYA replied Mr4x Posted on 07-03-2021 17:34:21

There is great news here! I have got time to get my hands dirty now. This project is now resumed now. Please have a look at my blog for further updates!