[RC Jumping Robot] Project Overview
06-15-2019 15:28:41
This project is innovated by a video game "Watch Dogs 2". Inside this game, there is a robot that can move freely, jump, do Live Video & Audio Streaming, control a robot arm and speak. Each of these can be a project individually, so this project will contain several phases and the results of the phases will be integrated into a whole robot at the last of the project.

[Phase 1] 010 Summary
06-15-2019 15:52:11
Within the first phase of this project, I will conduct the initial setup for the moving feature. This article summarises the entire Phase 1.

[Phase 1] Software and Electronics Part
06-15-2019 16:09:31
Using MSP430G2553IN20 to achieve movement closed-loop feedback control.

Phase 2 Updates
08-08-2019 16:37:32
Remote Control. Updates and Details.

[Phase 1] 011 Read a Joystick with ADC
07-09-2021 20:58:46
In order to control the robot, there should be user input. In this case, it is a joystick. I will show how to get the input and generate the output for the oscilloscope.